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Advanced Plate Cutting & Polishing Machine
For Industrial VRLA Batteries

Model: QRSR 2in1
Electrical Power: 380V+ 10%, 3 phase, 50Hz.
Electrical Control System: PLC.
3. Air Pressure: 0.5~0.6Mpa
Vacuum: 8x10-4 (attraction and transmission of plates in vacuum )
Plate size: 600L200W(3~7)Thick & 300L160W(3~7)Thick,
Equipment Functions: Plates conveyance . , Lugs aligning and cutting , Lugs polishing , Plates sending-out
Environment protection: All operations under completely sealed occasion with a mask. . Overall Size: 4800L 1300W 1800H
Weight: 2000kgs

The VOLT Plate cutting and polishing machine, Type CRSR 2in1, is specially designed for the cutting and polishing the lugs of the plates of industrial VRLA batteries. Two sizes of plates, 600L200W(3~7)Th & 300L160W(3~7)Th, can be processed in this machine.

Running process: Plate conveying machine conveys the stacked plates to the right position. Then the plates are attracted by the vacuum system to the wording desk one by one and conveyed to that place where lugs should be trimmed and cut. Then the cut plates go on its way to be polished by steel-brusher. And during the course of brushing, brush the up half at first and down half secondly. After finalizing all above necessary processes, the fully processed plates are sent to the out ¨Csent machine in order to be conveyed to the following process, such as COS station. Of course, all processes are practiced under the full intelligence automation


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