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Model ZX-6B Grid Casting Machine
Model ZX-6B Grid Casting Machine is a new model equipment of instituting of our plant for grid casting accumulators.It consists of major grid casting machine,lead-melting furnace,tank of circulating water and electric control case.It can finish ration Lead-supply of casting grid,automatic mould temperature keeping,plate automatic sliceing forming and automatic collecting etc.Used for plate casting of lead-calcium battery.
Main technical specifications
Size of mould contour 
Size of casting grid  350mmX(100-155)mmX(1.2-4.5)mm
Production  7~14 pcs/min
Volume of lead-melting furnace 160L
Installed power 45kw
Gross weight  3500kg

ange of supply in sets and size of contour
Major engi
Electric control case of the major engine   910mmX540mmX320mm 1
Lead-melting furnace  700mmX700mmX2400mm 1
Electric control cast of lead-melting furnace  1100mmX550mmX310mm 1
Tank of circulating water 900mmX800mmX700mm 1
Lead-supply system          NIA 1

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