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Model TX-4 Grid Painting Machine
Model TX-4 Grid Painting Machine consists of grid supplying machine,major grad painting machine,surface drying machine,collecting machine and electric control case.The production is 70-120 double pieces/minute.Far-infrared radiation heating ,hot airflow circulation drying,vacuum sucking and feeding grid,horizeontal-vertical combination collecting.The machine is a special equipment for the production of lead-acid accumulators(for starting automobiles)Used for the liquid lead filling of grids as well as surface solidation.
Main technical specifications
Size of grid
Ear length of double band  310-340mm
Board length 250-300mm
Board width     100-155mm
Board thickness  1.0-4.5mm
Volume of the lead container  150kg
Installed power 95.45kw
Heating power 84kw
Gross weight 6800kg

ange of supply in sets and size of contour
Grid feeding machine
Major engine 1830X1540X1400mm 1
Drying machine 13000X935X2660mm  1
Electric control case of major engine 550X250X1300mm 1
Electric control case of drying machine   820X430X1980mm 1

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