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Model KHX-4 Fast-speed Lead Liquidizing Machine
Model KHX-4 Fast-speed Lead Liquidizing Machine consists of lead powder weighing device,acid-water measuring device,major liquidizing machine,liquid lead container and electric control case.The production is 500kg/30-45minute.Automatically measuring of lead powder,sywtematically controlling of liquidizing lead.The machine is a special equipment for the production of lead-acid accumulatore.Used for liquidizing lead and its storage.
Main technical specifications
Volume of once liquidizing
Volume of liquid lead  storage 1000kg
Installed power 37.15kw
Gross weight 6100kg

ange of supply in sets and size of contour
Major engine
Liquid lead container 1420X1070X1400mm 1
Lead powder measuring device 1500X1000X2880mm 1
Acid-water measuring device 1830X1530X2900mm 1
Electric control cabinet  800X950X1480mm 1

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