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Suitable for central networked control and data processing of microprocessor-controlled chargers/dischargers and testers.

A new distributed control system.A master PC networked with microprocessor-controlled chargers/dischargers and microprocessor-controlled testers. Performing central network control and the data processing.The software of the master PC provides Chinese version interface that is powerful and easy to operate.


The master PC,equipped with communications adapter and special management software,can connect 127 microprocessor-controlled chargers/dischargers or testers.The master PC can issue commands or receive information from the slaves.By using the master PC,the operator can edit and configure processing mode and parameters,control the operation of the slaves,display,save and inquire working status and operation data of slaves for each loop. After processing,the operation data and charts of every turn of all networked devices during the last 5 years can be printed.


PC586 and later  1                            Printer     1      
Communications adapter    1             System software program     1
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