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Industrial Batteries











Stationary Batteries

Stationary batteries can be used as D.C. power sources for Generation stations, telecommunication systems, communications for marine, transformer substations, hotels, important assembly halls, major projects and scientific research institutions. In these batteries low antimony and lead calcium ally grids, tubular positive plates, pasted negative plates, microporous rubber separator, superfine glass fibre mats and transparent plasticS if high strength ABS containers are used. The batteries are classified into three series: acid-proof (GF & OPzS  Series ), with catalytic plugs (GM Series) and sealed VRLA (YGM Series).

The VRLA Batteries are designed to provide for easy installing and servicing. There are good performance of short time discharge, low connecting voltage drop. These batteries are mainly for floating service also they can be cycled. By custom's requirements, can be connected in series or paralleled. They are used along and direction without fume escaping and have no environmental pollution. It is  unnecessary to build particular batteries room therefore reduce a large number costs of the constructing invest, installing and maintenance. The serial products have met international technical level of the end of 1980s and the early 1990s.

Traction Batteries

In following form shows up a series of traction batteries. Traction battery uses a variety of machinery and vehicles, they main fields of application are forklifts, electrocars, and electric locomotives used in tunnels and mines. Furthermore, they have a promising future due to the requirement of environment protection.

The Schedule of make-up of Traction Battery

Remarks: Our industrial batteries have three characteristics: high capacity, longevity, and high-speed recharge.


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